White Cedar Shingles

Nature’s Natural Protection

Buildings are designed and constructed to stand the test of time, which is why the best protection for your roof and siding is Dow’s eastern white cedar shingles. We manufacture our shingles in our shop using the best quality eastern white cedar and machine saw each shingle. Not only do our cedar shingles offer superior protection, they also add character, beauty, and emphasize your buildings architectural details.

Standard Cedar Shingle Size

16" Long with a 3/8" Butt

We guarantee our shingles to lay 5 inches to the weather! Our standard eastern white cedar shingle size is 16" long with a 3/8" butt and are available to purchase by the square or by the bundle.

Standard Grades

  • Roof Grade Extra Clear - No knots below 12".
  • Roof Grade - No knots, clear wood below 5".
  • Wall Grade - Only small solid clean knots, or live knots in the 5” exposed area.
  • Wall Grade #2 - Black knots, or large knots. Used for siding, if you are looking for the old style rustic look this is the grade you would want.

All our shakes are made using high quality eastern white cedar cut in Maine from approved FSC harvested timber.