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We have been asked many times to do lumber/timbers in cedar.

we have started making some up. Everything is sawn on a bandsaw. That is all we make right now. Nothing planed.

We have 1"x4"x (8',10',12')
1"x6"x (8',10',12')
5/4"x6"x (8',10',12')
2"x6"x (8',10',12')
2"x4"x (8',10',12')

4"x4" x (8',10',12') (#1 material)

4"x4" x (8',10',12' Landscape timbers)

4" two side landscape timbers ($10 each)

6'x6'x8' (landscape timbers $25 each)

Also have a lot of #2 material. Buy in bulk and save. (#2 material is $1.00 per/board foot)

We also have 8' fence posts $5.00 each

We can saw about any size you want.

Send an email to jeff@dowcedarshakes.com for a price list.

The pictures give an idea of what we have.

5/8" x 18" Shakes

5/8" x 18" Wall Grade #2

Taking orders for 2022.

Price for the 5/8" x 18" Wall Grade #2 for 2022 will be $200 per/square.

We are sawing everyday trying to get all the orders filled. Do not wait, get your order in and on the schedule.

This is our most popular grade by far.

They are sawn smooth and square.
They have a 6" exposure and 5 bunches make a square.
Take a look at the pics of these two projects, and see what a nice job you can have for not much money.