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3/4" Thick

EXTRA THICK !! Special price until Jan 1, 2020

Wall Grade 3/4" x 18" With a 6" exposure. (50% clears)
This product will last forever.

Very popular if you want protection from extreme weather. Well over 100 years of life in any weather.

We have had a lot of people myself included, that used this product on their roof as they are about 50% clears.

$300 per/square. Normal price of $400 per/square.

3/4" Thick


3/4" x 18" Wall Grade #2

Talk about standing up to harsh weather forever. Very popular in harsh weather environments. Over 100 years on a wall.

$175 per/square

Give us a call or email. If you buy in bulk (25 square or more) you could get a better price and maybe free delivery.

5/8" x 18" Shakes

5/8" x 18" Wall Grade #2


They have been so popular we are keeping the special going until Jan 1, 2020

If you want some at this price for next year, get your order in now.

Price per square is $150.

They are sawn smooth and square.
They have a 6" exposure and 5 bunches make a square.
Take a look at the pics of these two projects, and see what a nice job you can have for not much money.

save your back

This is a new product. One of our customers has developed this and we are happy to pass along his product and info. Makes putting up shakes/shingles a lot easier on ones body.

Can reach Scott @ www.shinglesack.com

Wall Grade #2 in Union, Maine

I have a customer on Route 17 in Union, Maine that has 48.5 squares of the Wall Grade #2 (5/8"x18") left over. His intention was to cover his whole house and big, big barn. Because of health reasons he can not finish the job and is going to sell the property. The shakes have been stored inside the barn for the last year. They are very dry and still brand new.

Greg can be reached at ggard37@gmail.com or 207-785-0015

Some pictures below of the Wall Grade #2 in the 5/8"x18". They make a very nice job.